DragonForge is a community-driven animated series that provides you commercial rights and the opportunity to shape the story. Your DragonForge NFT is your ticket to an inclusive community of creators, artists, and film & tv fans. This is the first project in our quest to decentralise Hollywood and make tv & film more accessible to everyone.

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Your DragonForge NFT is your ticket to be part of our project's creative journey and all the events and perks that come along with it.

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The Backstory

With your help, their story will forever be inscribed on the Blockchain.

Join the Quest to find Ohm before it's too late!


Fire-breathing animation. Community storytelling. Legacy-building roadmap.


    Our artist, Emrys Csato, will design and produce a range of organic traits such as, different wings, heads, skin patterns, and horns. He will also create a fun range of treasure hoards for your dragons to sit on; it's part of their personality! You can have a say on what treasures become part of the collection in our Discord!

    A lot of Dragons like to hoard gold, while some Dragons value plush toys, collectibles, books, potions, artifacts, and cheese (mmm cheeseā€¦) just to name a few. And they all have a favourite place to stash their treasure, which is the detailed background art you get with your NFT.


    We will begin with a private sale, followed by our public sale. Our smart contract will randomly generate and mint your Dragon (Minting is the process of putting an NFT on the Blockchain). The mint will take place through our website, and the collection will reveal on OpenSea.

    Note: You must have a crypto wallet like Metamask to mint. If you're new to NFTs we will help you set up your wallet in our Discord server.


    Now the real fun begins! A key part of our utility is that you can help shape the story of the animated series through community events and voting. Once you own a DragonForge NFT you will also own the commercial rights to that character. You have the freedom to name and create a backstory for your character(s), as well as the ability to create other projects using your Dragon(s)!


    We will work with professional animators and writers to make an animated show and have already partnered with a production partner as well as a distribution partner to bring the Dragons to life! We believe we are the only film/tv NFT project to have done this pre-mint. On the production side, we have partnered with toldright, a network of Oscar-and-Emmy award winning industry professionals. Together we will create the pilot episode with the intent towards a multi-episodic season. On the distribution side, we have partnered with Hyphenova, a social good production and distribution company, to put the Dragons on Roku and Amazon Fire.

    You can read about both our partners here


    We can't wait to share what else we have planned! As we find success, we will evaluate other opportunities to grow our brand. We are excited about how web3 will shape the future of the entertainment industry. If you want to be part of history, come join us as we shoot for the moon!

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